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B.G.A.S. Vision

Our years of experience in laminating privacy glass has taught us the secrets to creating the highest quality glass products possible thus, prolonging the life cycle of the privacy glass you select.

The B.G.A.S. Vision series is a line of film/glass laminations that combine privacy (security) with architectural integrity. The B.G.A.S. Vision series leads with our low voltage switchable privacy glass which utilizes PDLC (Polymer-Dispersed Liquid Crystal) technology.

When the power is off, the liquid crystal molecules are randomly oriented and scatter incident light. B.G.A.S. Vision then becomes opaque.

Applications Include:

  • Glass Privacy Walls
  • Roof Panels and Skylights
  • Office Partitions
  • Shower Enclosures
  • HealthCare Facilities – Hospitals, Nursing Homes, and Clinics
  • Trains, Airplanes, Ships/Yachts and Limousines

When the power is on, the liquid crystal molecules line up, and the incident light passes through. B.G.A.S. Vision then becomes clear.

Applications Include:

  • All materials are made in the USA
  • Low voltage applications means less electrical power consumption and easier installations
  • Large size capabilities to 70” x 130”
  • When used to replace hospital privacy curtains, can help reduce the spread of Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI)
  • Can serve as a multi-touch panel with back projectors
  • The best clarity and reliability in the industry